Why Personal Loan Lender?

Personal Loan Lender is a renowned name among the FinTech lenders of the UK and it was established with the objective of presenting loan offers to those individuals, who are finding tough to borrow from the traditional lending sources.

We follow the fair and transparent path that can guarantee the appropriate, decent, responsible and simple lending for all the Britons.

When other lenders make borrowers busy in the documentation, we approve the loan applications within few minutes and present the advantage of instant funding access. Thus, availing our loan deals will surely provide a unique, but effective lending experience.

How Much I can Borrow

At Personal Loan Lender, any individual irrespective of the financial background can secure up to £50,000 depending upon the prevailing circumstances. The amount starts from £500 that one can borrow during the financial emergency.

The loan amount varies from one borrower to another. In fact, we provide a major benefit to our borrowers where they can borrow the desired amount without any issue of their bad credit scores or the unemployment issue. We have opened our doors for every Briton because we are here to ease their financial stress through every possible means.

How much you can borrow, is also depending upon the financial capacity of the loan applicants. It is suggested here that the borrowers should be careful while finalising the loan amount. They should borrow up to that limit, which they can later repay without any hassle. Any further delay in the repayments can take the credit scores from bad to worse.

Setting up the priorities first is the key before starting the application procedure.

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Benefits of Direct Lender

Many people have found Personal Loan Lender very different from the traditional loan providers. The main reason is that we belong to the new age lending where everything is available for every UK citizen. Just go through the benefits that you get from the direct lender:

  • The policy of ‘easy to apply’ is what convinces the borrowers when they urgently need the financial assistance. The eligibility criterion is simple and anyone can easily qualify for the loans.
  • The main benefit that the direct lender is providing is the flexible lending policies. Unlike the conventional lenders, it is more in favour of helping people through any means and this is why the loans for bad credit or unemployed are available here.
  • Like Personal Loan Lender, most of the direct lenders follow the way of FinTech lending. It signifies that the application procedure is based online where minimum documentation is required and the quick loan approval is assured.
  • Minimum interference of the loan obligations is another benefit that one can get from the direct lender. A good credit score, a guarantor and collateral, all such necessities are not mandatory these days when

Eligibility for Applying Personal Loans

Personal Loan Lender has the main aim of accomplishing the personal financial desires of the borrowers. To achieve this, we have kept our eligibility criteria quite simple to fulfil. It comprises following conditions:

  • Borrowers should be above 18 years of age
  • Only UK residents can apply
  • A valid bank account should be active
  • Income status of previous and current jobs

People with good credit scores are always welcome, but equal opportunity is also provided to the individuals with poor credit performance. Personal Loan Lender creates the chance for them to improve their credit ratings and recreate more funding opportunities in the future.

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Representative APR Example

Borrowing £7,500 over 3 years at an interest rate of 22.5% p.a. (fixed), you will repay 36 monthly payments of £288.37 per month. Interest payable £2881.32. Total amount payable £10381.32. Rates from 22.5% to 299.9% max APR.