Risk Free No Guarantor Loans in the UK

Personal Loan Lender is the fastest growing online lender in the UK, offering risk free lending and without asking for any guarantor bonds. We have the experienced financial experts preparing the finest lending rates on bad credit no guarantor loans in the UK. Our loans come with a commitment - Loans for all, including the bad credit loans borrowers and without any credit checks. The loan advisers at Personal Loan Lender, has whopping experience into the business lending through the way of no guarantor loans as well as other reliable lending routes.

During the financial emergency, wasting time in finding out a reliable person to take your guarantee hardly makes any sense. You need money fast and loans without guarantor are indeed the best way to do it. No need to submit any document, rather just come online and complete the process without any hassle. Qualifying for these loans is not difficult at all, as only these conditions to fulfil:

  •   Age should be above 18 years
  •   Only UK citizens can apply
  •   A valid bank account
  •   Relevant contact details
  •   Must have a steady source of income

PLL also accept the loan applications of those individuals, who are not earning stable source of income but getting income through external sources like rent, freelancing or self employment.

Smart offers on the No Guarantor Loans with No Credit Check

We accept the applications for the no guarantor loans despite the borrowers have bad credit history. At Personal Loan Lender, our offers very bad credit loans with no credit check are easy to apply, and the best fact is that loans can be repaid back over a time, convenient and suitable to individual borrower.

The process of no credit check works efficiently for the borrowers, as we do not perform credit score perusal and it does not affect your financial record badly. We are committed towards your complete peace of mind and that is why anyone can apply for our very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker. There is absolutely no need to pay anything in the name of broker’s charges especially when we have a vast online presence all over the UK. Whether you are residing in London, Manchester, Leeds or anywhere, you can find us and give us the opportunity to serve your financial purposes.

No Guarantor Loans from the Personal Loans:

We offer loans on instant decision that are also available with no fees or charges alongside benefits like:

  • Loans are quickly approved without any hassle
  • Higher rate of approval
  • No credit checks
  • Flexible loan value guaranteed
  • Easy lending and repayment terms
  • No Guarantor Loans with Quick Cash Flow

No Guarantor Loans with Quick Cash Flow

We realise that time is money – therefore applying for the bad credit personal loans with no guarantor at Personal Loan Lender is thoroughly a paperless, simple and comfortable experience altogether. With us, you will not just have an engaging experience with the deals on the no guarantor loans in the UK, but also save on your resources.We aim to establish high standards of a direct lender and provide everything that is possible to facilitate a healthy lender and borrower relation.

Shop and compare the APRs and read through the lending terms and conditions. The no guarantor loans in the UK available through the secured and safe means. With the Personal Loan Lender, it would be a great borrower experience altogether.

No Guarantor No Worry - Apply for CCJ Loans Now

County Court Judgement (CCJ) has been a major issue for someone’s financial status and it most of the times work as an obstacle of getting loan approval. Mainstream lenders are very much particularly specific about these individuals. But not Personal Loan Lender because the motto is to provide an equal lending opportunity to all individuals. We know that CCJ has been a problem but it does not mean that you are eligible for lending benefits.

As a responsible direct lender, we are presenting CCJ loans with no guarantor on flexible terms. We do not deny the fact that interest rates will remain on higher side as compared to others but that will be according to the personal circumstances. There will be no denial of your loan application and approval comes on the basis of your income status.

Show us that you can repay the amount and we will approve your loan application to help you in getting finances back on track.


Can I Apply for a loan with bad credit and no guarantor required?

Yes, of course. You can apply for the loans despite making past credit mistakes. The direct lenders like Personal Loan Lender are always concerned about the financial benefits of its borrowers especially those with poor credit ratings. Similarly, they also don’t ask for any guarantor and provide the loans on the basis of their income status.

How Should I borrow funds without a guarantor?

Well, first of all you need to approach a trustworthy direct lender for that because otherwise mainstream lenders will ask for the high interest rates. The direct lenders are comparatively flexible to their approach and they can accept your applications after reviewing your income status. Alternatively, if you need slightly large amount, you can keep collateral against it and get loan easily.

Can I avail a loan without a credit check?

In most of the times, the lenders prefer the credit check process to analyse the credit history of the borrowers. They do so for the purpose of knowing how much a particular borrower is reliable? But there is one more reality that it will affect the credit record and the score may go further down. Thus, the direct lenders have brought an alternative in the form of no credit check loan that makes easy not only in terms of getting the funds but also in improving the credit scores.

Which direct lender is most reliable for bad credit people?

The UK marketplace does have multiple loan lenders working for the financial interests of the Brits. Personal Loan Lender is indeed one of them and it is continuously marking its presence among the borrowers. Its flexible approach makes any loan feasible, and its passion towards the profession makes the borrower’s financial aspirations possible. Applying for the loans here will be a unique experience for everyone.

Can Loan Terms Differ If Have no Guarantor?

Yes loan terms will differ if you do not have a person to take your guarantee. Over the years, providing the guarantor has been a major obligation in the loan process and lenders are very much specific about this. However, there has been a significant change in the lending terms especially when the term ‘FinTech’ has involved. Still, from interest rates to repayments will differ if no guarantor is there.

Do all the direct lenders deal in low priced guaranteed loan?

Not at all, you need to learn this as quickly as possible. Every lender has its own lending policy regarding the interest rates and it is not necessary that if one is not offering your low priced funding that other will follow the same. You should consider multiple options to analyse.

What You Need to Do Before Applying for No Guarantor Loans?

First of all, you make sure that no sudden job loss happens because your income source has been the main factor in getting the guaranteed approval on your loan application. Second, find out only reliable lender providing online system to lodge the loan request, as it will save your day with no paperwork.

Difference Between bad credit loan and very bad credit loans?

The main difference between lies between bad credit loan and very bad credit loans is of the interest rates. It is true that the rates will be higher in both the loan options but in very bad credit option, they will be higher than those for bad credit people. They also have high approval chances because very poor credit score is indeed very complicated.

Can I get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

Yes, there is great chance for everyone in today’s time. No need to take constant worry for your bad credit history. On the other hand, no need to take tension in arranging for the guarantor.

We all know that arranging a third person is most annoying task because no one wants his or her score to get affected by any chance. Personal Loan Lender always plans the things in keeping your position in mind. To help you at the critical situation of life, lenders have planned loan for bad credit with no guarantor needed.

How can I get a loan fast with bad credit?

Yes, anyone can get the loan in the speedy process even if you have the bad credit score. As, the lenders have planned few types of loans, which you can get without any difficulty with your lower credit, and you get on instant approval.

Moreover, like payday loans and text loans, these are the part of short term loan. Admittedly, the lenders do understand your financial nightmare, which hurts you every time even in days also and that can take a biggest turn anytime if you will not find any solution. But now you have the fast solution in your hands.